Fission HDCore Playout Module

Fission’s playout automation module takes the channel-in-a-box concept to the highest level. It exceeds the versatility requirements of the most demanding live broadcast operations around the world, without compromising the necessary functionality to comply with a fully automated and unmanned operated environment.

In the broadcast world there are two dominating operational scenarios. The first one relies heavily on live production content and the second one on prerecorded programming material. In several cases broadcasters combine both.

Fission HDCore Playout module comprises a series of highly intuitive yet powerful tools that integrate seamlessly into any broadcaster’s workflow.

Multi-format playout

Fission’s playout platform allows the direct back to back playback of mixed video files with different CODECs and wrappers, eliminating time consuming transcoding processes:


AVI, MOV, MXF and MPG, including PitchBlue’s TS files.


Standard Definition (SD): DVCAM’s DV25 & DV50, DVCPRO & DVCPRO 50, MPEG-2 I-frame, IBP and Apple ProRes CODECs.
High Definition (HD): MPEG-2 I-frame, MPEG-2 IBP, AVC-Intra, HDV, DVCPRO HD, D10, Apple ProRes and DNxHD CODECs.

Another time saving factor offered by the Playout Module is the realtime support of SD/HD up and down auto-scaling of both pass-through live feeds and video files, in order to match the specified transmission format.

Playout operation modes

Playlists can be generated from the Fission HDCore Management Module based on flat file parsing of various traffic systems or BXF messages. The playout schedule can also be generated using built-in functionality.

For an unmanned operation, the playout module can be accessed by third party systems through Fission’s API or by BXF Live Log Editing messages.

Video engine

Based on an advanced stand-alone 64 bit video and graphic engine, Fission’s playout module supports a wide variety of realtime editing and compositing features such as:

  • Realtime video compositing of alpha channel-based video clips as well as TGA, BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG and TIFF files sequences. Pre-multiplied alpha channel support for full quality video compositing.  Audio mixing support for video overlays.
  • Realtime graphic compositing of TGA, BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG and TIFF files.
  • Customizable fading options for video and graphic overlays.
  • Realtime 2D/3D DVE transitions between playlist elements such as Cross fade, Wipe, Slide, Push, Squeeze and PIP, including several audio mixing options.
  • User definable Text and Clock compositing.  Includes live-updated tickers from RSS feeds.
  • Closed caption and subtitling support based on timecode-synchronized external files as well as embedded video file data.

Audio Mixing

Fission HDCore Playout Module can re-route, duplicate or mix any given audio channel on-the-fly.
The following functionality derives from this realtime audio mixing capability:

  • Audio overlays based on independent media files linked to playlist elements.
  • Cue Tones can be inserted on any of the 16 audio channels available per video output.
  • DVE transitions and video overlays include audio mixing options for seamless playback integration.

Realtime Virtual Editing

Frame accurate playback of virtual edits allows broadcasters to create different instances of programs, advertisement and promotional material without ever altering the original media files. Therefore, there is no need to pre-render segments of long format content such as TV series or movies, thus saving time and storage space. Additionally, the Trim Editing can perform last minute realtime editing tasks while on air.

Programmable automation tools

With the help of customizable action buttons, any commonly used sequence of tasks can be accessible by a single click right from the GUI. Live feed DVE compositing, pass-through recording, device control commands, as well as video, graphic or audio overlays can be assigned to each one of them. Predefined live automation sequences are also available.

Complex repetitive automation routines can also be automated by the use of Fission Templates assigned to specific daily logs.

Fission Sources can tag specific content based on traffic information in order to trigger a predefined automation template.

External device automation

Fission HDCore flexible command engine allows devices to be triggered from any playlist element, frame accurately. Depending on the device’s external control features, these are triggered by simple GPIs, serial control or TCP/IP-based protocols.

Fission HDCore’s Device Role feature allow for simplified external device logical swapping for simplified playlist automation in a top down structure.


Playlists elements can be triggered by scheduled, manual or external means such as GPIs or Fission’s TCP/IP API, allowing a seamless integration with other broadcasting events.

I/O channel support

Fission HDCore Playout servers can be configured from a single to a four output channel configuration per server. Fission can scale to any number of output channels depending on each broadcaster’s requirements.

Inputs can also be configured in the same manner and are used for live feed pass-through. These signals can be mixed with file-based content within a playlist, enabling live feed real-time compositing and transitioning.